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 Hope House offers the following services:

court mandated supervised visitation, monitored exchanges of children between parents/guardians, and monitoring of Mahoning County Children Service Board (MCCSB) visits

Referral Process



Families may be referred by the Courts, Mahoning County Children Services Board (CSB), Attorneys or a referring agency.

1. All parties referred for services must call Hope House to schedule an Orientation/Needs Assessment.

2. Hope House is a secured facility and all who enter must have an appointment.

3. Upon receiving a referral and court order, Hope House will schedule an Orientation/Needs Assessment for each  party at a separate time.  Children also receive an orientation.

4. During this Orientation/Needs Assessment, each referral is assessed to determine the appropriateness and parameters of the visitation, i.e. the length, frequency and level of supervision.  All pertinent documents will be covered and signed with copies going to each of the parties.

5. Once an orientation is completed and all requirements are fulfilled, Hope House will schedule the visitations or exchanges.  All parties are expected to cooperate and make necessary accommodations in order to follow the court order.

6. Monitoring reports will be sent to the court before a court hearing.

Visitation and Exchanges

All family visits and child exchanges take place at the Hope House Visitation Center in Youngstown.





Great facility with home-like atmosphere.” – K.G.



“The staff were kind and helpful; I felt as if they really had my child’s best interest at heart.” – R.B.



“It was very helpful to have a meeting ’home’ to start visitation until other arrangements were made”– P.G.



“The Hope House is a need in this community”. – M.G.



“Because of the security, I felt safe when I was dropping off and picking up my child.” – T.B.



“I can’t thank you enough for welcoming my children, making them feel special and above all, making them feel safe.” – D.S.



“Hope House helped us get through difficult times when we were going through custody hearings, and helped us move on to home visits. I certainly will recommend this program to anyone who is in a similar situation!” - K.D.





Services/Referral Process

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